Fruit flavor profiles.

Tropic Breeze

5% Pineapple
5% Mango
5% Whipped Cream
3% Tangerine
2% Passion Fruit

A nice tropical fruit medley. The pineapple, mango, and tangerine can all be easily detected straight from the bottle and it makes me wish I was somewhere tropical with a drink in hand.

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Ecto-1 with a tangerine twist!

So after a handful of mixes I decided to release the "easy mix" version of this recipe. Check the Ecto-1 thread for a more detailed description.

8% Lemon Lime
6% Hawaiian Tropical Punch
3% Tutti-frutti
3% Tangerine

If you find the citrus is too intense, you can lower the Lemon Lime by a few percent and leave it alone or add a small amount of sweetener, menthol, or koolada.

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Jello Monkey

8% Strawberry
4% Ripe Banana
3% Sweet Cream

Smell: Smells like a strawberry banana jello salad. I get more banana than strawberry, which is what I get when I smell a jello salad.

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