Fruit flavor profiles.

Strawberry Somber

5% Strawberry
4% Whipped Cream
4% Dairy Milk
4% Vanilla Swirl
2% SweetCream
1% Butterscotch

Smell: Light creamy strawberry with darker notes.

Taste: Slight sweetness on the tongue and light cream on the inhale. On
exhale I get a medium strawberry mixed with deep dark cream and malted
milk. The Whipped Cream in this mix really brings out the nice lighter
cream at the top of inhale. The combination of Dairy Milk, Sweet Cream,

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134340 (Formerly known as Pluto)

Bubblegum 5%
Watermelon Candy 4%
Mint Candy 1%

Smell: I get a juicy watermelon bubblegum.  I find it a very pleasing aroma.

Taste: On inhale you get a sugary sweetness on the tongue along with a slight
coolness.  On exhale you get a melon with bubblegum notes.  On the back
end there is a slight yet distinct mint flavor.

The taste is very similar to Space Jam's - Pluto, thus the name.

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Strawberry Cream Slide (Neapolitan ice cream)

Strawberry 4%
Vanilla Swirl 3%
Butterscotch 3%
Pistachio 2%
Bavarian Cream 2%
Caramel Candy 2%
Whipped Cream 2%
Sweet Cream 1%
Toasted Almond 1%

Smell: Strawberry ice cream with hints of cream and nuts.

Cream on the inhale with a delightful strawberry and vanilla ice
cream on exhale. The almond, pistachio, butterscotch, and dark creams
collide in this recipe to replicate a slight chocolate-like taste.
This is a Neapolitan ice cream e-liquid with emphasis on the strawberry

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