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Dessert, drink, and candy flavor profiles.

Jello Monkey

8% Strawberry
4% Ripe Banana
3% Sweet Cream

Smell: Smells like a strawberry banana jello salad. I get more banana than strawberry, which is what I get when I smell a jello salad.

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Ecto-1, named after the famous license plate number of the Ghost Buster's EctoMobile.

8% Lemon Lime
(You may reduce all the way down to 5% if you want to lessen the lemon lime and increase the punch flavors)
6% Hawaiian Tropical Punch
3% Tutti-Fruitti
2% Cotton Candy

Smell: A delightful lemon lime fruit punch. You definitely smell more than lemon lime but the mixture of fruits blend into one outstanding aroma that makes it very hard to distinguish between each fruit.

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Peachaloupe Rings 'n Cream

12% Juicy Peach
6% Cantaloupe
2% Sweet Cream

Smell: The smell is like opening a bag of candy peach rings with a little dehydrated cantaloupe mixed in.

Taste: If you exhale through your nose while drawing you get a pretty strong peach ring flavor with sweet cream (almost too strong for my taste). On a normal draw, you can taste the cream and sugar crawling to the back of the tongue. On exhale you get a creamy peach ring flavor with a slight cantaloupe on the back end.

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