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This is incredibly simple and TASTY! Used all TPA flavor. Gave it a quick steep with hot water and the occasional shake of the bottle.

10% Double RY4
5% Caramel Candy
5% Bavarian Cream

Smell: Smells like ... well ... a good RY4 (go figure). Tobacco leaf covered with caramel. I keep sticking my nose close to my drip tip.

Taste: A medium tobacco with a well balanced caramel and a lovely cream undertone. A sweet tobacco ... but not overly sweet. Dare I say perfect? The hint of cream is tasted mostly on exhale and for me is most flavorful at the back of my tongue. Nice flavor of tobacco down my throat to boot.

The more I vape this stuff ... the better it's getting. But I better quit because I'm starting to get a nicotine high.

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