Strawberry Somber

Flavor Profile: 

5% Strawberry
4% Whipped Cream
4% Dairy Milk
4% Vanilla Swirl
2% SweetCream
1% Butterscotch

Smell: Light creamy strawberry with darker notes.

Taste: Slight sweetness on the tongue and light cream on the inhale. On
exhale I get a medium strawberry mixed with deep dark cream and malted
milk. The Whipped Cream in this mix really brings out the nice lighter
cream at the top of inhale. The combination of Dairy Milk, Sweet Cream,
Vanilla Swirl, and slight Butterscotch (I can't single out butterscotch
in this flavor) give this a deep malted cream finish that seems to
naturally wrap itself around the Strawberry on the back end.

Picture every light strawberry and cream flavor you've had and flip it
on its head. This is truly a dark strawberry and cream flavor that you
just don't see.

Imagine a strawberry milkshake blended into malt with whipped cream on top.

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