Strawberry Cream Slide (Neapolitan ice cream)

Flavor Profile: 

Strawberry 4%
Vanilla Swirl 3%
Butterscotch 3%
Pistachio 2%
Bavarian Cream 2%
Caramel Candy 2%
Whipped Cream 2%
Sweet Cream 1%
Toasted Almond 1%

Smell: Strawberry ice cream with hints of cream and nuts.

Cream on the inhale with a delightful strawberry and vanilla ice
cream on exhale. The almond, pistachio, butterscotch, and dark creams
collide in this recipe to replicate a slight chocolate-like taste.
This is a Neapolitan ice cream e-liquid with emphasis on the strawberry
ice cream.

If you like The Standard - Tater ... you're going to be a VERY happy DIYer.

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