What the? ...

E-Mixology is the personal website of ECF member tc1, dedicated to publishing my DIY e-juice creations.

Why only TFA?

It's the company I started with on my DIY journey and I've never been disappointed with their product.   I also appreciate that they have sent out their flavoring for lab testing and publish the results on their site.  You can find the link for those results on the main menu at the top.

VG/PG Ratio?

Most of my mixes these days tend to be high VG, usually 80 VG or higher.

Where do you buy supplies?

My main source of DIY is Wizardlabs.   I find their VG/PG/Nicotine to be solid quality and their 8ml flavoring prices are hard to beat.  Great for ordering tons of different flavorings without breaking the bank.