Tropic Breeze

Flavor Profile: 

5% Pineapple
5% Mango
5% Whipped Cream
3% Tangerine
2% Passion Fruit

A nice tropical fruit medley. The pineapple, mango, and tangerine can all be easily detected straight from the bottle and it makes me wish I was somewhere tropical with a drink in hand.

Taste: Honestly, the taste reminds me of a mouth full of Pez candy. The Pineapple is easily the first flavor detected by my taste buds and is well balanced by the other fruits in this blend. There is a natural sweetness to this juice but it's definitely not artificial or overly sweet. The whipped cream in this recipe has so far been interesting. While the cream doesn't really stand out by itself (may change with longer steeping times) it is definitely present and "weaves" through the fruit flavors and acts almost like a bonding agent for the fruit flavors.

The more I vape this recipe, the more it grows on me. Not as "in my face" as my Ecto blends that I'm addicted to but those type of juices aren't going to appeal to everyone anyways. For those looking for a more balanced and tropical fruit juice that will leave your mouth watering for a tropical cocktail ... this just might be what you are looking for!

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