Flavor Profile: 

Ecto-1, named after the famous license plate number of the Ghost Buster's EctoMobile.

8% Lemon Lime
(You may reduce all the way down to 5% if you want to lessen the lemon lime and increase the punch flavors)
6% Hawaiian Tropical Punch
3% Tutti-Fruitti
2% Cotton Candy

Smell: A delightful lemon lime fruit punch. You definitely smell more than lemon lime but the mixture of fruits blend into one outstanding aroma that makes it very hard to distinguish between each fruit.

Taste: No surprises here ... it tastes like a sweet (not overly sweet) and juicy lemon lime punch. A very fruity and citrusy blend that arouses my taste buds to utter pleasure. Take a 3/4 glass of tropical punch ... now squeeze some fresh lemon and lime juice into the glass until filled ... stir ... drink. You now know what this juice taste like.

Well, this is my favorite fruit-based blend so far. I find it very refreshing and tasty. It's one of those juices that's hard to put down. You may have to lower your normal voltage or wattage to get the "sweet spot" of this juice. It's well worth it!

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