Fuzzy Melon

Flavor Profile: 

6% Cantaloupe
5% Honeydew
3% Juicy Peach
3% Cotton Candy
(As usual, you can use your own sweetener at your own % but I think you might dig this one the way it is)

Smell: Man does this stuff smell like fruity bliss! You can smell all three fruit flavors and they collide into something wonderfully refreshing. Think Juicy Fruit gum with added fruit.

Taste: I get a decent amount of sweetness on inhale, nothing too strong or candly-like ... just a solid natural sugar type flavor you'd get on the tongue biting into a fruit. On exhale these flavors blend like CRAZY!!! The blend of peach and cantaloupe is what you'll taste first, and mannn is it a refreshing taste. On the back end you get such a nice wet 'n ripe honeydew flavor that leaves your mouth dang near watering. The melon aftertaste really leaves you wanting more.

This recipe is the perfect example of how sometimes "less is more". Not "in your face" like my other fruit blends as of recent. That's not to say that the flavors aren't well pronounced because they very much are. It's just that the flavors seem much more natural to me with little to no perfumey taste even after only a couple of days of steeping. This is BY FAR the best fruit mix I've created to date for my personal taste. I mean ... the flavor is just crisp, clean, and mouth watering.

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