Peachaloupe Rings 'n Cream

12% Juicy Peach
6% Cantaloupe
2% Sweet Cream

Smell: The smell is like opening a bag of candy peach rings with a little dehydrated cantaloupe mixed in.

Taste: If you exhale through your nose while drawing you get a pretty strong peach ring flavor with sweet cream (almost too strong for my taste). On a normal draw, you can taste the cream and sugar crawling to the back of the tongue. On exhale you get a creamy peach ring flavor with a slight cantaloupe on the back end.

Flavor Profile: 

LemonDew sLime

Lemon Lime: 10% (lower the % for more mild flavor if desired)
Hawaiian Tropical Punch: 5%
Honey Dew: 5%

Smell: From the bottle it smells a lot like Juicy Fruit gum to me. The honey dew comes through perhaps slightly as well. On exhale my lady says it smells like Sweet Tarts.

Taste: A pretty intense infusion of lemon lime and honeydew. A nice natural sweetness that's not overwhelming. The aftertaste is as if you just ate some fresh and juicy honeydew ... dead on imho. Some may find a slight citrus aftertaste too.

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This is incredibly simple and TASTY! Used all TPA flavor. Gave it a quick steep with hot water and the occasional shake of the bottle.

10% Double RY4
5% Caramel Candy
5% Bavarian Cream

Smell: Smells like ... well ... a good RY4 (go figure). Tobacco leaf covered with caramel. I keep sticking my nose close to my drip tip.

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