7% Asian RY4
5% Caramel Candy
5% French Vanilla
3% Whipped Cream

Very similar to my original RWhy4. Tobacco leaf covered in caramel with a nice splash of vanilla. Just like the original, this blend smells very good as you vape it and will almost surely get positive feedback from those who are in the general direction of the aroma. Most of the comments I get seem to be that it smells like the greatest cigar in the world (without the smoke of course) ... and/or chocolate.

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Ecto-1 with a tangerine twist!

So after a handful of mixes I decided to release the "easy mix" version of this recipe. Check the Ecto-1 thread for a more detailed description.

8% Lemon Lime
6% Hawaiian Tropical Punch
3% Tutti-frutti
3% Tangerine

If you find the citrus is too intense, you can lower the Lemon Lime by a few percent and leave it alone or add a small amount of sweetener, menthol, or koolada.

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Jello Monkey

8% Strawberry
4% Ripe Banana
3% Sweet Cream

Smell: Smells like a strawberry banana jello salad. I get more banana than strawberry, which is what I get when I smell a jello salad.

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