7% Double RY4
3% Butterscotch (some may want to adjust this lower)
3% Pistachio
3% Vanilla Swirl
2% Bavarian Cream
2% Caramel Candy
(Use Toasted Almond instead of Pistachio for a completely different flavor)

Smell: A vanilla custard with butterscotch. Smells a lot like Big Willie's Vanilla Custard.

Flavor Profile: 

Cola Gummy

9% Cherry Cola
5% Gummy Bear
0.5% Cotton Candy
0.5% Koolada

Smell: Very similar to the taste yet the cherry comes through a bit more.

Taste: Pretty spot on to the old Haribo Cola Gummys. Definitely a more intense flavor. The small amount of Koolada chills this recipe just enough to give an oh-so-slight coolness to the vape. (Think ice cubes)

Absolutely love this stuff!

Flavor Profile: 

Tropic Breeze

5% Pineapple
5% Mango
5% Whipped Cream
3% Tangerine
2% Passion Fruit

A nice tropical fruit medley. The pineapple, mango, and tangerine can all be easily detected straight from the bottle and it makes me wish I was somewhere tropical with a drink in hand.

Flavor Profile: 


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